Fonti del Clitunno and Tempietto § Spoleto §

The Fonti del Clitunno is a true naturalistic jewel of Umbria, about 15 km from Spoleto.
As a child, I reached him by bicycle with my sisters and we bathed in the icy but transparent waters. Now it is not allowed. There is an entrance ticket for a few euros and it is worth visiting the place together with the Tempietto del Clitunno.


A small lake with clear waters and a source of the Clitunno river, on whose grassy banks poplars, willows, and rare tree species grow. The place considered sacred by the Romans was dotted with Temples, Baths, and Villas.
Source of inspiration for Poets, Painters of all ages, from Plinio to Virgilio, from Byron to Carducci.

timing: open from 8 to 20 (advice to check)




About 1 km from the sources stands the Tempietto del Clitunno, recently included in the Unesco World Heritage list, “The Lombards in Italy, the Places of Power (568-774 AD)”, as well as the delightful church of San Giovanni in the center of Spoleto, another testimony of the Lombard period.

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G.G. Lord Byron

Pilgrimage of the young Aroldo (CantoIV)
But you, o Clitunno! from your sweetest wave of the brightest crystal that ever offered 
refuge to a river nymph, to look inside you and to bathe her limbs where nothing hid them, you raise your grassy banks along which the milky white bullock grazes …

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