Giardino degli Aranci a Roma

I personally love this coin of Rome and I go there every time I need a peaceful rest. Don’t miss it. Millions of visitors each year admire the different beauties of Rome, from the rests of the  palaces of antiquity to the splendid Baroque-style monuments, however there is also a little-known city that offers beautiful […]

Pincio Water Clock

The Pincio clock was designed in 1867 by Giovanni Battista Embriaco, a Dominican friar passionate about watches and engineering. In the same year, Padre Embriaco sent a prototype of his Water Clock to the Universal Exposition in Paris where, for fear of breaking it and technical difficulties, it was not even removed from the boxes […]

Galleria Sciarra a Roma

GALLERIA SCIARRA ROMA Behind Trevi Fountain there is a pedestrian crossing liberty style, a good corner where to cool off, a real artistic refreshment in the hot summer days. The Galleria Sciarra is a private  courtyard, open to public during working hours. It is located between Via Marco Minghetti (a crossway of via del Corso) […]

Booking Award 2018

I got it! The “Booking Award 2018”. So proud and so happy not only for the reward but for all the words that my guests have spent writing their feedback. I put on this activity all my hearth, my passion and most of all, what my mamma tought to me: “Hospitality is sacred”, when somebody enter […]

Castelluccio di Norcia

Castelluccio di Norcia.   The month of June is approaching  and I think back sadly to how many times I went to Castelluccio di Norcia to see the unique show that offers the flowering of lentils. Thousands of people came from all over the world to observe this palette of colors created by the nature […]

Strangozzi alla Spoletina

As promised on my blog, here I am with “The strangozzi alla Spoletina“, my favourite spaghetti, very easy to prepare if you are in hurry using normal spaghetti. Strangozzi alla Spoletina are a typical Umbrian first course, of hunble origins, to be made with simple and genuine ingredients. The strangozzi (also called stringozzi or strozzapreti) […]

Centrale Montemartini

  Discovering the “Centrale Montemartini” was for me a unique and fantastic discovery. Located close to the Roman public power offices, it has been neglected because it is linked to places frequented solely for bureaucratic issues…. not interesting…. what a mistake! What a surprise for me to discover this fantastic place that blends in with grace […]

Bidet, What is it? its History

Recently a guest, asked me: “Why do you have Bidet in bathrooms? What is for?  I found an interesting article, that may help understand our “strange” habits….here it is

Sweet note…from Anna

Monday after Easter, in general it rains and the habit is to have a picnic with family and friends. Today the weather forecast confirms some rain and  so I relax more in bed, I take a cup of coffee,  I open my mobile  and ….. I start smiling…. a sweet note… from a guest leaving in the morning […]

Spoleto the Magical town

SPOLETO THE MAGICAL TOWN I close my eyes and I dream …. Whenever I came across a video like this I feel happy. I do not know why. For me, Spoleto is the magical town, is something special to me and to many people I met during my life that came across this magical site. This city is […]

Pasta alla Amatriciana

Pasta alla Amatriciana This recipe of Pasta alla Amatriciana has been recently protected by the city of Amatrice with a mark of origin. Ingredients: Spaghetti: 400 grams. Guanciale (pork cheek) from Amatrice: 100 grams. Pecorino from Amatrice: 75 grams. San Marzano tomatoes: 350 grams. Extra virgin olive oil: 1 tbsp. Dry white wine: 50 ml. […]